Water Purification

We offer a full range of Reverse Osmosis water purification systems from small domestic systems to big commercial systems:

Some of our products and services:

Household reverse osmosis purifiers

Office and household dispensers

Commercial purification

Whole house filtration

Water softeners

Replacement filters



Two of our popular products:

Domestic Water Purifier

The RO101SV is an premium 5 stage reverse osmosis water purification system with a booster pump for use in areas where the inlet water pressure is less than 3,5 bar (51 psi).


Mobile Water Purifier

Ideal for Outdoor and 4X4 Enthusiasts:

Pure water anywhere and any time while on tour! Safe for babies to drink.

Pure drinking water as the end result.
Collect water in a container direct from a dam or river while fishing or hunting and purify it.
When traveling or touring purify water from any source.
Purifier can be connected to electrical socket (220V) or cigarette lighter in a vehicle (12V).
The Roadrunner can also conveniently be installed at home to supply purified water for drinking, cooking and ice.
The Roadrunner can deliver upto 240 litres of purified water per day.
The Roadrunner is designed to give peace of mind for travellers and home owners and guarantees water free of viruses, bacteria, parasites and endocrine disruptive chemicals.